July 20, 2008

Updates for June & July

1. Brick Fix. At least one Racetracker-er noticed a small bug in the training calendar - brick workouts (more than one workout on the same day) showed only the distance of the first workout entered, not the correct total distance. This is in the monthly bar chart display only, not in the detailed breakdown of each workout. That has now been fixed.

2. Calendar Upgrade. Calendar users now have a way to toggle through all workout types for each month. Want to see only your killer swim workouts? Click 'Swim' in the legend at the top of the calendar. Just want to compare your epic bike rides? Click 'Bike'. This helps particularly if you do a lot of bricks and want to isolate your sessions by workout type.

If you are wondering what this calendar thing is all about, all you have to do is sign up with your local tri or running club. The calendar is available only to registered club members.