January 30, 2008

Metric Shmetric?

Even though 9/10 of the known universe is now on the metric system, some diehards refuse to let go of ye olde imperial system of measurements. A request to allow swim workouts to be recorded in any units, not just kilometers or miles, has been been fulfilled.

Swimmers can now enter their workouts in yards, meters, miles or kilometers. We're still working on rods, furlongs, and Egyptian
Royal Cubits for those athletes who are truly old school.

January 29, 2008

New for 2008

First of all, a big welcome to the DC Tri Club, the latest club to sign on to Race-Tracker.net. I think that might be called a 'shout out' in some circles but then again that might be so yesterday. In any case, welcome aboard.

Some very cool new features have been added to Racetracker this month, for the exclusive use of team/club members. What kind of features? These kind:

Team Reports have been upgraded - The 'Highest Mileage' training report is now active, and for all Race and Training reports you can now view results for either just your own team or for all registered teams. The reports can be sorted by year from the current year (default) back to 1990, when we were all still riding aluminum bikes and wearing sealskin wetsuits. The good old days.

Swim workouts on the Training Calendar can now be entered as miles, kilometers, yards or meters. No more converting to miles/kilometers if you were measuring yards/meters.

A new 'Join' page is up now, and after a couple of tweaks suggested by the DC-ites it should make joining as part of a club as easy as a September tri-a-tri.

This officially puts the site back into production mode after a mostly uneventful 2007. More features are planned for the Training Calendar, and of course I'm always open to suggestions so make a wish list and send it in!