November 22, 2008

NCC Hits the 30 Club Mark

The USAT National Challenge Competition is now over the 30 club mark for 2008-2009. Included in that list are perennial contenders the Alaska Tri Club (Wabbits, Bunnies and Hares divisions), DC Tri Club, and the Tri Club of San Diego.

This year we have some new clubs from Buffalo, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Jose (among others) so it's looking like another heated contest. Welcome aboard to all the new clubs.

Don't forget to check out the map on the Teams page - we have a real cluster of clubs in the northeast again this year, so some of you can probably just holler out the window to get your trash talk on. I'm talking to you, Elmhurst TC and Chicago Athletics TC. And you too, Midwest Xtreme and U of Iowa!

Individual signups are also coming in, for all of you (us) poor souls not part of a tri club. Ah the lonely life of the triathlete.

Just a few more days to go now until the swim session starts!

November 5, 2008

NCC Login is Open - Add Your Athletes Now!

Although the competition does not get under way until December 1, club reps can login and start adding athletes to their rosters now.

Results cannot yet be added, of course, but adding athletes in advance will save club reps some time.

Don't forget, this year all participating athletes must be USAT members in good standing, so have those membership numbers ready when you are adding athletes to your roster.

Also, a reminder that each team has a 75 athlete limit. For many clubs this won't matter but if you are a member of the Super Huge Mega Triathlon Club you may have to field more than one team. If you think you will have more than 75 athletes this year, please contact USAT so we can create additional teams for you. Email them at clubs at usatriathlon dot org.

November 1, 2008

USAT National Challenge Competition Registration Now Open

The 2008-2009 edition of USA Triathlon's National Challenge Competition is officially underway. Registration is now open (as of November 1) for clubs who want to take part in this year's event.

Last year saw over 2,000 athletes chalk up more than 1 million miles (yes) over the 3 months of the NCC, and this year we are expecting even higher numbers. Traffic on the NCC website has been high in October, an indicator that interest in the competition is also high.

To register your club - it must be an officially recognized USA Triathlon club - go to and follow the Register link. There is no charge to enter the competition.

Individual athletes may also compete, as long as they are also members in good standing of USAT.

The competition begins on December 1 and runs to the end of February. Could there be a better way to get through winter than this?

Let's rock!