November 5, 2008

NCC Login is Open - Add Your Athletes Now!

Although the competition does not get under way until December 1, club reps can login and start adding athletes to their rosters now.

Results cannot yet be added, of course, but adding athletes in advance will save club reps some time.

Don't forget, this year all participating athletes must be USAT members in good standing, so have those membership numbers ready when you are adding athletes to your roster.

Also, a reminder that each team has a 75 athlete limit. For many clubs this won't matter but if you are a member of the Super Huge Mega Triathlon Club you may have to field more than one team. If you think you will have more than 75 athletes this year, please contact USAT so we can create additional teams for you. Email them at clubs at usatriathlon dot org.


Anonymous said...

How does a person calculate bike miles for spin classes? Does snowshoeing count as running? Let me know how this works! -- A snowy triathlete.

CarbonMan said...

Hmmm. Spin classes... I'm not a spinner, don't those bikes have computers on them? Last year the Alaska club held a mass spin so there must be a way to calculate those miles. As for snowshoeing, I think if you're counting your miles for the NCC, why not? Snowshoeing is harder than running so I would think those miles should count. Skiing, not so much, but snowshoeing sounds ok to me. Might even the playing field a little with those SoCal and FLA clubs!