November 22, 2008

NCC Hits the 30 Club Mark

The USAT National Challenge Competition is now over the 30 club mark for 2008-2009. Included in that list are perennial contenders the Alaska Tri Club (Wabbits, Bunnies and Hares divisions), DC Tri Club, and the Tri Club of San Diego.

This year we have some new clubs from Buffalo, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Jose (among others) so it's looking like another heated contest. Welcome aboard to all the new clubs.

Don't forget to check out the map on the Teams page - we have a real cluster of clubs in the northeast again this year, so some of you can probably just holler out the window to get your trash talk on. I'm talking to you, Elmhurst TC and Chicago Athletics TC. And you too, Midwest Xtreme and U of Iowa!

Individual signups are also coming in, for all of you (us) poor souls not part of a tri club. Ah the lonely life of the triathlete.

Just a few more days to go now until the swim session starts!


Anonymous said...

How does someone swim 75 miles in one day??? That's amazing.

CarbonMan said...

Please see the post for December 2. Unless that's a real question, in which case the answer is either A) with very big fins B) with a stiff tail-current, or C) by drafting Michael Phelps.