February 26, 2008

Browser Grief

This post may be more for web nerds than tri geeks, but whatever.

A friend just pointed out to me that the USAT National Challenge Competition site does not render the left menu properly in Internet Explorer 7. Hear that sound? That's the sound of me hitting my head against my desk.

I do all my work on a Mac these days, having given up on PC a couple of years ago. The sites (Racetracker and USAT) are both tested on different browsers: Firefox and IE6 for PC, Safari and Firefox for Mac, but not IE7 for PC. I just don't have that version of IE. Unfortunately millions of other people do! Argh.

It's a bit late now that the National Challenge Competition is just days from ending, but I'm going to try to round up a copy of IE7 for testing purposes and get that menu fixed.

Apologies to all.

In the meantime, if you're a PC, please try to use Firefox. If you're a Mac, Safari (or Camino) looks smashing.

February 11, 2008

New Stuff for Runners

With all the focus lately on the USA Triathlon National Challenge Competition, it's been easy to forget about all those runners out there still putting in the miles and still racing throughout the winter. My apologies to all. Blame the triathletes and their infernal competition.

But I haven't really forgotten, no I haven't. To prove it, some New Stuff has just been added to the Running Races section of Racetracker.

When viewing your Single Race results under Running you will now see some additional Race Pace data. The World Record times and paces for 5k, 10k, half-marathon and marathon distances are now shown in greater detail.

See meters per second (which was always there) plus kilometers per hour and time per kilometer. There is also now the most up-to-date info on who holds the World Record for each of those distances, plus when and where the record was set. This info also links directly to the relevant Wikipedia page for each distance. You'll see the appropriate record for your gender only.

For those who race in miles, not kilometers... help is on the way. Since international records are kept mainly in metric distances, those were completed first. Conversions to ye olde Englishe units are on the Big To Do List.

February 8, 2008

USAT Update: To the Moon and Back

I've just added a Total Mileage counter to the NCC site. I thought everyone would like to know just how many total miles everyone in the competition had put in so far. Much to my amazement, and probably yours, we are over 700,000 miles! Thats enough mileage to get to the moon and back and most of the way there again.

Are triathletes a bit nuts, or what?

February 4, 2008

USAT Update: Superhuman Workouts!

The Run Session has begun, and already it seems that some clubs have unleashed their awesomest triathletes for the home stretch. Run 200 miles in 2 days? No problem. Bike 300+ in the same 2 days? Hardly broke a sweat.

Actually these were entry errors, and the offending parties have been notified. They have graciously agreed to remove these miles, as they were intended for January. And of course it's too late now since the cutoff was Saturday February 2 at 6pm (local time).

Everyone settle down.

February 3, 2008

Bug Report

A sharp-eyed Racetracker-er noticed today that the grand totals on the Team Training Report, Total Mileage were not adding up correctly. This error has been fixed. Thanks to JW in Michigan for pointing that out.

On a related note, when you are entering swim mileage please take care with the distance units. An entry of 500 miles when you really meant yards will blow up your calendar real good. A warning message has been added to catch these so if you see it on your mileage confirmation screen, please please please go back and check your entry. Please.

Do you see something that isn't quite right? Let me know, I won't be mad. Honest. Reporting bugs is a good thing for everyone so don't be shy. They tend to show up only after a new feature has been added, so once they are taken care of it's smooth sailing from then on. Until the next feature gets added.

February 2, 2008

New Stuff for February - Maps!

For everyone who was asking for a map feature to go with the training calendar, we now have one. Sort of.

If you use the excellent mapping capabilities of Google Maps, MapMyRun or MapMyRide you'll be pleased to know that you can now embed your maps right into your Racetracker Training Calendar. This is not just a link, you can use the code provided by these sites to embed your cycling and running routes into your own reports here on this site.

Full mapping capabilities are still planned for Racetracker, but this is a good solution for now. The MapMyRide and MapMyRun sites in particular have done a great job enhancing the Google Maps application. As soon as I can wrestle the Google API code into submission, we'll have one too.