February 3, 2008

Bug Report

A sharp-eyed Racetracker-er noticed today that the grand totals on the Team Training Report, Total Mileage were not adding up correctly. This error has been fixed. Thanks to JW in Michigan for pointing that out.

On a related note, when you are entering swim mileage please take care with the distance units. An entry of 500 miles when you really meant yards will blow up your calendar real good. A warning message has been added to catch these so if you see it on your mileage confirmation screen, please please please go back and check your entry. Please.

Do you see something that isn't quite right? Let me know, I won't be mad. Honest. Reporting bugs is a good thing for everyone so don't be shy. They tend to show up only after a new feature has been added, so once they are taken care of it's smooth sailing from then on. Until the next feature gets added.

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