February 26, 2009

Run Session Closing Date & Time

For all Club Reps entering mileage for their clubs, the cutoff date for getting the February mileage entered will be March 2 at midnight, your local time. This is to give these hard-working folks time to get all their miles entered without being under too much pressure. 

This doesn't mean that miles run in March can be counted - all miles entered for the Run Session must have been actually run in February.

Now that business has been taken care of, how about a round of applause for all the Club Reps who so diligently entered everyone's miles throughout the competition? Without them, where would this competition be? So be nice to your rep. Maybe slip them a couple of Hammergels the next time you see them at a race, or buy them a set of Zipp 808s. I'm sure they would be happy with either one of those options.

February 15, 2009

Bunnies Thwarted by Hammerheads

The Three-peat has been thwarted! Odds-on favourites to win their third straight session, the Alaska Tri Club Red Biting Bunnies have been sent packing by their opponents from the exact opposite end of the country, the Hammerhead Tri Club!

Hailing from sunny Florida, the HH crew were the first to cross the 3,000 mile mark on sunday February 15. The Hammers finished ahead of second place Tri Club of San Diego, with the bunnies currently sitting in 3rd spot. 

Congrats to the Hammerhead Tri Club!

February 7, 2009

Bike Numbers are In

The report for the Bike Session is now being compiled and will be released officially by USAT next week, but in the meantime you may be interested in a few stats.

Total Bike Mileage for the Bike Session: 235,774 miles.
Average Bike Mileage per Club: 4,065 miles
Average Bike Mileage per Athlete: 212 miles.
Highest average mileage: Tribe, San Jose CA: 330.78 miles per athlete

Very impressive.

The total mileage and average mileage per athlete includes both club and individual (no club affiliation) athletes.

Official standings and awards will be released next week.

February 3, 2009

Run Forrest, Run

Just a gentle reminder to everyone (but club reps in particular) that all run mileage for the February Run Session must have been run in February. No carrying over miles from January, or December, or last August. February. 2009.

The phone has been ringing off the hook here at Racetracker World Headquarters, deep in our blast-proof underground bunker in a secret location somewhere in the northern hemisphere. Some athletes have amassed incredible miles already, and it's only February 3. Keen-eyed competitors have been quick to spot these Forrest Gump-like totals, and quicker to let us know about it. Thanks so much for the emails, everyone :)

If you are a rep and you've made an entry error you can easily correct it by entering a negative number to balance it out. If this describes your situation it would be good if you could do that asap, please.

Thanks and to everyone else: don't panic.

February 1, 2009

Full Swim Session Report Now Available

Now that the official Swim Session results have been officially announced by USAT officials, you can get your very own official PDF version of the Complete Swim Session Results. It's official.

The report is available on the Swim Standings page.

A similar report will be available for the BIke Session as soon as the results have been tallied up, though of course you can still see the latest numbers on the Bike Standings page any time you like.