February 26, 2009

Run Session Closing Date & Time

For all Club Reps entering mileage for their clubs, the cutoff date for getting the February mileage entered will be March 2 at midnight, your local time. This is to give these hard-working folks time to get all their miles entered without being under too much pressure. 

This doesn't mean that miles run in March can be counted - all miles entered for the Run Session must have been actually run in February.

Now that business has been taken care of, how about a round of applause for all the Club Reps who so diligently entered everyone's miles throughout the competition? Without them, where would this competition be? So be nice to your rep. Maybe slip them a couple of Hammergels the next time you see them at a race, or buy them a set of Zipp 808s. I'm sure they would be happy with either one of those options.

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