March 6, 2009

Another NCC Comes to a Close

You know spring is around the corner when the National Challenge Competition wraps. 

For some teams spring might be around the corner, down the street and straight out of town a few miles (Alaska, Buffalo) while for others spring never left (San Diego, Guam, Florida).  But for calendar watchers, the end of the NCC means the end of winter can't be far off. 

Some quick and unofficial numbers while USAT compiles the Big Report:

Total Miles for Everyone, All Events: 769,398

That's around 482 miles average for each athlete. 

Swim: 27,745 miles = 11,560 Ironman swims
Bike: 555,289 miles = 3,084 Ironman bikes
Run: 186,365 = 7,113 Ironman runs

If you add it all up, that equals approximately 3,688 full Ironman distance triathlons by total distance.

Club and individual athlete awards will be announced officially by USAT soon. 

Great job, everyone. See you next year. 

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