December 2, 2008

A Note About Mileage

Just a quick note about entering miles for your athletes (this applies to Club Reps, who are doing all the heavy lifting for their clubmates).

If you make a mistake in your mileage entry, please correct it by entering a negative mileage amount to balance out the incorrect one. This way we have a full 'paper trail' for all entries. Each mileage entry is date & time-stamped.

Mistakes happen, and sometimes BIG numbers get entered by accident. This usually does not go unnoticed by competitors! So thanks to everyone who wrote in pointing out the latest mileage error. I'm looking at you, Tri-Fury. To everyone else, settle down, it's only Day 2 and we can expect at least a couple more of these little mistakes.

On a positive note the miles are definitely piling up. On a personal note, the NCC has inspired your host to actually get into the pool for the first time since, um, September? And I can still swim, so that's a positive.

Keep the miles coming, everyone!

Jeff M

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