December 15, 2008

Gorillas, Bunnies and Buffalo

At the halfway mark of the Swim session, some of the usual suspects are once again in the thick of things at the top of the standings. Perennial 800 pound gorilla the Tri Club of San Diego is in the lead as of tonight with 356 swim miles, the Ford Athletic Swim & Tri Club is next with 323 miles, and the Alaska Tri Club Wabid Wabbits are in 3rd place with 295 miles.

Newcomers the Buffalo Triathlon Club have cracked the top ten, sitting just behind another returning favourite, the DC Tri Club, so the northern teams are proving that you don't need nice weather to put in the miles.

Other top tenners include the other Alaska teams (Biting Bunnies and Hammering Hares), the Hammerhead Tri Club from Jacksonville FL , the Memphis Thunder, and another new crew, the North West YMCA Tri Club from Irmo SC.

The Swim Session benchmark mileage was raised this year to 750 miles, since previous years' benchmarks were proving too easy for many clubs to reach. It's going to be close, though, unless some of the leaders can really pour on the mileage. No doubt the Alaskan crew has some crazy mass swim event planned. Let's hope it's in a pool and not out on the lake or the open ocean. A wet suit will only get you so far...

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