December 26, 2008

Bunnies Win! Bunnies Win!

Congratulations to the Alaska Tri Club Red Biting Bunnies, the first team to hit the Swim Session benchmark of 750 miles. The Bunnies edged out their intra-club rivals the White Wabid Wabbits and perennial nemesis the Tri Club of San Diego to take the prize in the first session, and on Christmas Day no less. Santa was definitely good to the Bunnies this year!

There are still prizes up for grabs, though, so nobody gets to phone it in now just because the Bunnies broke the tape first. There are still prizes for the most swim mileage for the session and for 2nd and 3rd spots, so don't hang up the goggles just yet, folks. It should be a wild final week!

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