December 8, 2008

Greetings From... Iraq

And you thought Guam was exotic. Have a look at the following email we received this week:


I saw the homepage for the NCC today...Unwilling to be undone by the Air Force, I am writing to say that I am competing in the NCC from a combat zone. :-) To be more specific, I am competing in the National Challenge as an individual from just outside of Sadr City in Baghdad, Iraq. Can anyone beat that one?


Erica L. Chabalko
FOB Loyalty, Iraq

How's that for dedication? Not only is Erica stationed in what is essentially a desert, as of this writing she's winning the non-club athlete swim session! Way to go, Erica! Did we mention she's in the desert?

So now we have athletes from Alaska, Guam and Iraq. As Erica says, can anyone beat that?


Jeremy Eisenbrandt said...

I don't know if I can beat that, but I am a member of TriAndersen in Guam and am currently deployed in Kabul, Afghanistan. I am actively participating in the NCC over here too!

Jeremy Eisenbrandt
Camp Phoenix

sbrun said...

No, I can't beat that. I can say that I am very grateful for the sacrifice you and your family are making so we can live free and in peace.