December 20, 2008

"4th Event" Not Eligible for NCC

Just a quick note to all NCC participants in the northeast - shoveling snow does not count as a 4th event for the National Challenge Competition, so please take it easy this weekend and let's not have any snow-related back injuries that might affect your performance for the rest of the competition.


Anonymous said...

What about those in Alaska? Don't you think we get a little winter weather for about 7 months! Shoveling snow is all we do. That's why we are able to crank out the swim miles!

Anonymous said...

I guess Alaska doesn't count. We know how to shovel without injuries.

We don't need to do no stinkin Pull exercises.

CarbonMan said...

Alaska goes without saying, but the northeast had, what, 6 storms in 3 days last week? Felt like it, anyway.