December 7, 2008

What is a Widget, Anyway?

Visitors to the NCC site will by now have seen the mileage roundup thingy on the home page. It tracks mileage for each discipline (that would be your swim, your bike, and your run) plus total mileage for everyone. It also tracks the number of clubs in the competition as well as the total number of athletes, both club and non-club. Sort of (ok, exactly) like this:

If you or your club have a website, you can get this 'widget' and others for your site. What other widgets do we have? How about these:



Just go to the widgets page on the NCC site and the code is all right there for you to copy into your website or blog.

Q. Are these the same as the Widgets from Apple?
A. No. Those have a capital 'W'
Q. Kind of looks like the same thing you might see on YouTube. Is it?
A. Exactly.
Q. What about a widget that tracks mileage only for my club?
A. Great idea. One is on the way.

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