January 15, 2009

A Facebook Group is Born

Hey sports fans, so there's this new thing called Facebook that all the kids are on now, apparently you can post photos and updates and - what? You've heard of it? Well have you heard about the newest Facebook group, NCC Athletes? No? That's probably because I just created it an hour ago.

Go, join, post, chat, trash-talk. See who you're competing against. Make new frenemies.

First discussion thread: "Northern athletes are more motivated than those in the South. Discuss"

Wow. Who picked that topic? Oh right, I did. Strongly agree? Agree? Disagree? Or maybe you Strongly Disagree. Let us know. 

1 comment:

Go Huskies said...

Yes, Facebook is the rage amongst many. However, the iAmTri site features all the capabilities of Facebook but is oriented on just triathlon. It's worth checking out: http://iamtri.com/