March 3, 2008

One Million Miles!

The USA Triathlon National Challenge Competition has just wrapped for another year, and this year the numbers are a ginormous improvement over last year. Granted last year was the inaugural year, but still.

The combined mileage for everyone in the competition, including athletes not affiliated with a local club?

1,012,163 Miles!

I think a 'holy cow' is in order here. 77 clubs (though some clubs did split into more than one team this year since the max number of athletes was set at 75) and 2,343 athletes took part this time around. 

Your humble narrator even took part in the festivities this year, although only for the swim session (December) since he went and broke his leg in early January in a non-triathlon related activity. Next year I'll be right back into it, I promise.

Congratulations to everyone who took part, and of course especially to all RaceTrackers who racked up the big miles!

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